Welcome to the Urbanite Project!

The Urbanite Project is an initiative set up to promote sports and activities for inner city children.

It can be hard to not only find the space to enjoy activities but also the dedication needed to coordinate clubs and teams. At the Urbanite Project we have a team of highly motivated coaches that set up clubs and teams in inner city areas and help children find their active side.


We all hear so much about children playing computer games instead of enjoying themselves outside but with so few safe, regulated options in the major cities of the UK it can be difficult. This new idea will give children the motivation to get up and out of the house, interact with other children and make exercise a part of their day to day life.

On the back of recent UK sporting events and achievements it is important that we build on it and ensure a healthier, active future for the youth of Britain today.

As well as offering a wide range of sporting activities we are also looking to give children the opportunity to get a taste of more creative pursuits.

Access to music and art facilities can offer the urban youth a positive outlet for energies that can sometimes get them into trouble.

We hope you can be a part of the Urbanite Project in the future.