We are very excited to announce that Urbanite Project will soon be able to start taking trips out of the country and in t the countryside for the day. It has always been our aim to make sure kids get a wide range of activities and aren’t stuck in the city every day.

These trips do involve a lot of planning and that’s why we need help from volunteers and parents who would be willing to help. Some of the following areas we need help with are:

  • -People who would be able make packed lunches for everyone.

  • -Someone who can drive a rented 7-seater car.

  • -Anyone who can provide us with high visibility jackets.

  • -Anyone who can be free for a full day, from 7am to 7pm.

  • -Anyone who has a bit of knowledge of wildlife or plants you’d commonly find in the country.

  • Of course anyone is welcomes to come and help out; so long as they’d be keen to get involved and make sure the kids have a good time.

    If you’d like to help then please get in touch via the contact page.