As well as the more traditional sports that children will be aware of, we think it is important to expose them to less accessible sports that could encourage them further.

It is considerably easier for children in the UK to find football, rugby and even hockey teams than other sports so providing a base for children to test out different sports could be the difference between them turning their back on sports or competing at an Olympics some years down the line. Getting active as a child means that you are more likely to be active as an adult and it can help keep them healthy for life, reducing their risk of getting cancer, obese and heart disease amongst other things.

The message from the Olympics was to ‘Inspire a Generation’ and improving the facilities and opportunities for children to get out there can aid this.

olympic rings

Take a look at our list of sports and find out how to enquire about joining classes and groups on our ‘Sports’ page.

As well as future sports stars our creative outlet builds the foundations for a future in art and music.

Learning basic techniques and having the supplies to experiment with art as well as being shown behind the scenes at recording studios is a valuable experience that could help influence a child to these kind of pursuits in life.